Workshops and Events!

Crystal Healing Workshop 
🕕 Date: Wednesday 27th March 📍 Time: 6pm - 8pm 
🎟️Price: £25pp. Call 01782 646766 to book.
🏡Venue: Goomoo, Trentham Shopping Village, ST4 8AX


🔮 What Awaits You: 🔮

🌟 Interactive Learning: Dive deep into the fascinating world of crystals and chakras through hands-on experiences. Working with Camilla from Soul Crystals & Reiki, she will guide you on a journey of self-discovery, teaching you the ancient wisdom of crystal energy.

🌟 Chakra Balancing: Understand the subtle energies within your body and learn how to harmonize your chakras for enhanced well-being. Discover the transformative impact of aligning your energy centers.

🌟 Everyday Crystal Magic: Explore practical applications! From choosing the right crystals for specific intentions to incorporating them seamlessly into your daily routine, this workshop equips you with tools for a balanced and vibrant life.

🌟 Group Activities: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive and uplifting environment. Engage in group activities that enhance your understanding of crystals and strengthen your connection with the energy around you.

Our Crystal Healing Workshop is designed for all levels of enthusiasts. No prior knowledge is required—just an open heart and a curious mind! Limited spaces available.


Learn To Read Tarot Cards Workshop *FULLY BOOKED!*
🕕 Date: Wednesday 4th April 📍 Time: 6pm - 8pm 
🎟️Price: £25pp. Call 01782 646766 to book.
🏡Venue: Goomoo, Trentham Shopping Village, ST4 8AX


🌟 What Awaits You: 🌟

Card Interpretation Mastery: Dive deep into the rich symbolism of the major and minor arcana and learn how to unlock its unique message. Ran by Camilla from Soul Crystals And Reiki who will demystify the meanings, empowering you to read with confidence.

Personalized Guidance: Discover the art of reading Tarot cards not just for others but for yourself. Learn techniques to gain profound insights, guidance, and clarity on your own life's journey.

Interactive Practice: Put your newfound knowledge into action! Engage in hands-on activities, interactive readings, and gain real-time feedback to strengthen your intuitive connection with the cards.

Unlock Your Intuition: Learn to trust your instincts and tap into your inner wisdom. The workshop will guide you on a journey to cultivate your unique Tarot reading style.

Why Wait? Transform your fascination into skill and embark on a journey of self-discovery through the art of Tarot. Reserve your spot now and unveil the secrets that the cards hold! 

Note: This workshop is suitable for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Tarot decks will be provided for practice, but feel free to bring your own if you have one.